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ONCALL Interpreters & Translators is a world leader in quality interpreting and translation services. With an outstanding reputation for excellence and integrity, ONCALL offers a full range of services for public and private sector clients. Established in 1984, ONCALL manages a comprehensive panel of over 4,500 qualified interpreters and translators in all languages and disciplines.

ONCALL has an unparalleled global presence with offices in eight cities on three continents and has access to some of the best interpreters and translators in the world.

Each week our booking officers fill over 7,000 assignments in more than 150 languages. Every year we translate hundreds of thousands of words and provide conference interpreting services at major international conferences in Australia and overseas.

With extensive experience and industry knowledge, ONCALL can tailor services to meet the changing needs of clients. We employ a dedicated team of in-house professionals in specialist areas including client management,Website localisation, E-Commerce site localisation, App translation, graphic design, public and community relations, localisation of marketing collateral and professional development training.

Our Expertise

Our interpreters and translators

ONCALL has access to a panel of more than 4,500 highly qualified and experienced interpreters and translators in over 150 languages. Our local interpreters and translators are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

For new and emerging languages not tested by NAATI, ONCALL liaises with tertiary institutions, ethnic communities and other organisations to recruit suitable panel members.

We guarantee to maintain, through our Quality Management System, a level of quality and reliability of supply that will equal or surpass the expectations of every customer. It is the intention of all departments within the company to continually improve the quality of the services they provide, leading to increased Customer Satisfaction.

Training and professional development

ONCALL has an ongoing commitment to providing professional opportunities for development to its panel of interpreters and translators. We regularly organise training sessions, seminars and workshops for interpreters and translators to enhance their skills. Internal Training Department ONCALL Language Services continues to place significant focus and investment into learning and development. Our training programs are tailored around diverse learning methodologies which are deployed by our qualified training team to ensure we deliver the highest level of experience. These methodologies include classroom training, consistent mentoring and coaching combined with “On the Job” experience. Our Development Framework is supported by extensive talent preparation, focus on competency development, scheduled support and importantly, continuous improvement. Through these methods, ONCALL Language Services proactively promotes re-skilling and cross-skilling to ensure depth and knowledge throughout all departments within our organisation. In 2015, ONCALL Language Services is committed to launching a curriculum that will assist external stakeholders in raising the level of quality in overall service delivery. We are proactively working with industry leaders to ensure we deliver experiences which will benefit those participants whilst allowing us to continue our mission of becoming a world leader in the provision of language services. For more information on these training opportunities, please feel free to contact us directly.

Our Vision

To be a global innovator and leader in empowering communities to connect by overcoming linguistic barriers

Our Mission

For ONCALL to be a trusted and respected company that builds and values partnerships with our clients and workforce, to offer the most effective language solutions through innovation, technology and our people, while providing the highest quality service and sustainable returns to shareholders